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Fair Use Awakens: Classrooms/Libraries/Communities

Follow-on works like fanfiction, fan films and fanart have instructional applications. Educators, museum curators and media specialists have incorporated follow-on works into curricula and projects for years, but some are using fanworks for the first time, facing concerns about legal issues. Do teachers invite legal trouble when they assign students to create follow-on works? Does cosplay infringe on a multinational movie company's trademarks? Does a showcase of fanart in a local museum expose its Board or the students to a lawsuit? Fair Use is a lawful use of a copyright, but when and how does it apply? We'll workshop ways to safely and successfully use follow-on works with K-12 students.

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  1. How can instructors successfully support students' educational goals and voices by using follow-on works to counteract silencing and censorship?
  2. How do follow-on works inspire interest in museums, community programs, sports, library activities, inter-student support and social justice.
  3. What legal issues involving privacy& intellectual property concern boards, administrators, parents and students, and how should they be addressed?



Heidi Tandy, Attorney, Organization for Transformative Works

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