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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Future of Sports, From the Future Generation

You’ll never forget your earliest experience at a sporting event. That’s because sport’s powerful emotional undercurrents are established so early in life. So why is the industry not trying harder to understand what kids really want? GlideSlope intends to host a panel of only the voices that matter most – the kids. Featuring youth aged 7-13 who are active in sport and moderated by a dynamic, high profile athlete, the panel seeks to uncover truths that may not be evident to parents, policy makers or corporates, but are blindingly obvious to kids. Through rich and humorous "kids only" conversation, we will inform and inspire decision-makers with insights that can be leveraged to drive impact.

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  1. How is the business of sport perceived by the future generation? From media to sponsorships to activations, how do kids view this growing industry?
  2. How much say do kids have on parents’ sports-related purchases? From tickets to merchandise, are kids the real decision makers?
  3. How is the “Everybody Wins” generation impacting participation levels? How much influence do parents have on athletic careers and fun-levels?



Jamie Rocha, Sr Assoc, GlideSlope

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