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Positive Blindspots: Ignore Tim Ferriss

Positive blind spots are the unintended consequence of our culture of self-improvement. Growing up, we’re taught that we can do anything. It feels good to hear, and we’re likely all guilty of actually believing it. Unfortunately, it obscures a far more powerful and actionable message, that -- while you may not be able to do anything -- there is something truly great that only you are capable of doing. By uncovering and harnessing the positive blindspots in ourselves and others, we are able to leverage our unique gifts to create the most value for society.


  1. What are positive blind spots?
  2. Why do we have them?
  3. How can we uncover our positive blindspots?
  4. What are the consequences of them?
  5. What should we do differently, once we become aware of them?



Cameron Lord, Brand Manager,

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