SXSW Interactive 2016

Game Design Thinking: A Jolt to Newsrooms


As the news and journalism industry battle their economic realities, can game design provide some remedy to their challenges? Hear our super team of game designers and research fellows share lessons learned from a year of summits, workshops, interviews, and prototype production for real-world applications. What can the most innovative leaders in news journalism do to convert the energy of game design into impact in news? Topics include iterative design, promoting reader efficacy, reward systems, thinking beyond the page, experience design and other game design elements. Learn with us from our interactions with top news executives.

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  1. What do national journalism leaders consider their biggest challenges and how can game design thinking address them?
  2. What are the ethical, technical, and cultural impediments to applying game design thinking to the challenges in the modern newsroom?
  3. How can game design thinking help increase engagement, participation, and audience education?



Kelli Dunlap, Fellow, American University

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