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The Two-Gen Approach to Early Education


A collaborative in rural Tennessee, including the Yale Child Study Center, Sewanee University, Scholastic, and local Grundy County partners, is addressing literacy and building resilience in the community through a multi-generational approach. Families of young children (birth to five) participate in a Family Coop with a master teacher using a customized curriculum that focuses on pride in place, storytelling, and exploring the local community. Literacy is modeled by a master teacher and caregivers have the opportunity to build social connections with each other as they engage in the multigenerational curriculum.

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  1. Learn about an innovative approach to building resilience in areas of isolation and poverty.
  2. Using a strength-based approach, the power of story, and place-based pedagogy, target the needs of children and their caregivers simultaneously.
  3. Explore the ways that a collaborative initiative grew organically by responding to the evolving needs of the community.



Karen Baicker, Dir, Community Affairs, Scholastic Inc

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