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Journalism Intrapreneurs: Snows Becoming Starks


Journalism contains some of the most trusted brands in our world today. But it’s also battled hardships with integrity, relevance, and, at times, a painstakingly slow ecosystem. In this pivotal time for quality journalism, organizations must embrace intrapreneurship.

How can intrapreneurs create their own identity while operating under the values and mission of their original institutions? Can they be different enough to truly forge their own path or are they just replicating the older model? How do they reach new audiences and serve the greater public?

Come hear stories of successful intrapreneurial Snows and the lessons they have learned along the way to becoming Starks.

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  1. What lessons can we learn from these new businesses/brands on how to shake things up and make a difference, without blowing things up?
  2. How can intrapreneurial leaders create their own identity & be innovators while operating under the mission of their original institution?
  3. What can you start doing now to begin the intrapreneurial revolution at your organization?



Erin Mishkin, Mktg & Comms Lead, Public Media Platform Inc

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