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SXSW Interactive 2016

Digital Identities: Modern Underground Currencies

How much is a SSN worth on the dark web? What about a driver’s license, a credit card number or a health record? Every day, hackers are buying and selling consumers’ stolen data and engaging in a whole world of commerce unseen by those outside of the dark web. They’re raking in hundreds, even thousands of dollars with each transaction. This session will dive into the digital currencies of this underground marketplace and provide an inside look at how transactions take place between cybercriminals through a live demonstration. Adam will show how these cybercriminals collaborate and exchange ideas with each other to steal data, and also offer tips for consumers to keep their data safe.

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  1. What does an individual's personal data look like on the dark web when his or her identity has been compromised?
  2. What are the most lucrative elements of a consumer's identity for cybercriminals? Are there any that are showing increasing popularity?
  3. How can I safeguard my personal information to prevent my identity from being compromised and my information from being traded over the dark web?


  • Adam Tyler, Chief Innovation Officer, CSID


Ariel Miller, Sr Acct Exec, INK PR

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