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SXSW Interactive 2016

Art of Snowden

We will discuss common mass surveillance techniques and how they are deployed to gather information from various devices, all part of the Internet of Things. In our workshop, we will teach techniques to keep electronic conversations private and resist various surveillance technologies. We’ll discuss digital hygiene, simple but effective habits, and demonstrate the proper use of encrypted communication tools that keep both private citizens and whistle blowers like Edward Snowden secure and out of harms way.

We can preserve our generation’s rights, and effectively counter the urge to yield our freedom in the name of society’s protection.

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  1. How can I communicate anonymously?
  2. How can I actually have a private conversation?
  3. How am I vulnerable to surveillance?


  • Hyun Kyu Seo, Designer, Developer and Envisioneer, IBM
  • Ron Williams, Principal Architect, X-Force Exchange, IBM Security, IBM


Hyun Kyu Seo, Designer & Developer, IBM Design

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