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SXSW Interactive 2016

Digitized & On-Demand: Reinventing Healthcare

With the advent of mobile, connected, and digital health, we're shifting to continuous data collection (from our wrists to IoT) and a proactive, preventative, and earliest intervention model and away from a reactive 'SickCare' model. From 'Quantified Self' to value based 'Quantified Health'. Two physicians, a nurse-economist, and a trend spotter will describe and explore the convergence of cutting edge, fast moving healthcare technologies such as low cost consumer "omics" (from the genome to the biome), wearables, 3D printing, AI, and big, little, and biggest data that are wildly transforming and improving prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and the total health and sick care experiences.

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  1. What new ways of thinking and blending of technologies and solutions are impacting health and biomedicine today?
  2. Where are fast moving fields of robotics, AI, genomics, 3D printing, & mobile computing heading in the next few years and what are the opportunities?
  3. What might healthcare look like in 2025 and how can individuals and companies outside traditional medtech get involved in shaping biomedicine?



Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair for Medicine, Singularity Univ / Exponential Medicine

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