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SXSW Interactive 2016

Autonomous Vehicles Are Here. But Are We Ready?

Autonomous vehicles are already on our streets. But are we ready for them? Before they become ubiquitous, consumers, policymakers, and industry leaders must reconcile themselves with the challenges that AVs present.

Simultaneously, they must recognize the opportunities. While such a process will be difficult, it will also create an opening to modernize the regulatory structures that govern our roads, as well as great opportunities for economic growth and innovative new business models.

This panel will consider the disruptive effects of AVs, barriers to their broader adoption, as well as state and federal roles for regulating safety, registration, liability, and insurance requirements.

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  1. If an autonomous vehicle hits a pedestrian, who is liable? How do different states address this issue? How does insurance work in this case?
  2. There are different kinds autonomous vehicles, ranging from semi to fully-autonomous. How should regulators address these different types of vehicles?
  3. Will robots take our jobs? If AVs take over trucking/taxis/etc, how does this affect the economy and the labor market? Is it a net economic boon?



Ian Adams, Sr Fellow, R Street Institute

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