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SXSW Interactive 2016

CDT/Fitbit: Ethics & Privacy in Wearable Research

This year, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) and Fitbit collaborated on a unique project. Aimed at entities that collect health and wellness data, the project has developed preliminary guidance for conducting internal research in a manner that honors user privacy and dignity.

This dynamic session will include the project's two primary investigators, Michelle De Mooy, CDT's Deputy Director of Consumer Privacy and Shelten Yuen, Fitbit's Director of Research and Development. Through a visually engaging presentation, they will offer details on the project goals, methodology, findings, and analysis, as well as present the final guidance recommendations.

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  1. How can wearable companies protect user privacy and dignity in internal research and development while remaining nimble and responsive to the market?
  2. Where are the privacy and ethical "pivot points" that occur during internal research and how should wearable companies respond when faced with one?
  3. How can wearable companies leverage existing frameworks on data privacy and human subject research to inform their internal research practices?



Michelle De Mooy, Deputy Dir, Consumer Privacy Project, Center for Democracy & Technology

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