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SXSW Interactive 2016

Crafting Success in the Digital World

The tech age has opened the doors for makers, writers, D.I.Y. experts, and other creative types to craft their own, independent careers. Whether it’s Lifestyle blogging, producing an artist-series podcast, or hosting a D.I.Y. Youtube channel, the world-wide-web is your oyster! How, though do you take your personal brand or project to the next level? During a panel discussion with 3, world-renown makers, we’ll approach that while also talking "buzz words", creative titles, inventing opportunities, and how every social media post is really, just a mini-pitch of your awesomeness. Through conversation, stories from the trenches, and tried and true marketing tips, we’ll inspire you to thrive!

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  1. As an indie, professional creative type, how do I present myself to the corporate world as an influencer or asset?
  2. As an artist, crafter, musician, foodie, designer, blogger, etc, how do I invent and pitch opportunities in the digital world?
  3. As a creative, how important is being a self-advocating marketer, too? How do I feed the promotions machine, while still feeding myself creatively?



Vickie Howell, Creativity Evangelist, Craft.Rock.Love Media LLC

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