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SXSW Interactive 2016

Disintermediation in Digital Content Markets

It's the 21st century. Most of us consume content digitally, from music to books to video. Just as Uber cut out rent-seeking taxi medallion holders, other middlemen are facing fresh challenges in emerging digital content markets.

As these gatekeepers become less relevant, we see increasing disintermediation between creators and consumers, leading to more efficient markets, more options for users, and more revenue opportunities for creators.

While this has great potential benefits, policymakers must take seriously the job of modernizing regulations governing copyright and licensing. We invite you to join our panel of experts, including a sitting Congressman, for a lively discussion.

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  1. Why is copyright law so important in this conversation? What are statutory damages, and why is transparency a key factor?
  2. In the music industry, how does existing regulation enshrine the status quo? Who is disrupting this space? Are more direct deals a good thing?
  3. What are the challenges of modernizing copyright laws for the digital age? How have the politics changed in Congress since the last Copyright Act?



Sasha Moss, Policy Fellow, R Street Institute

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