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SXSWedu 2016

Advocacy & Data: Identifying & Activating Parents

Set the scene: It has been 14 years since Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act, and was seven years past due to reauthorize the law with updates from lessons learned.

Educators, advocates, and policy makers all agree the law needs to be updated (though there is disagreement about how).

Enter The Education Trust and Social Driver with a digital grassroots campaign to build support among low-income families and families of color to ensure that Congress holds true to the civil rights mission of the law and ensures #AllKidsMatter.

See how we used data analytics through Facebook, Twitter, and Change.org to identify and activate over 1,000 parent advocates in target states.

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  1. Learn how Ed Trust & Social Driver used data analytics (Google, Twitter, Facebook) to identify and target low-income parents and parents of color
  2. Learn how to use cookie tracking to develop custom retargeting for Twitter, Facebook, and Google ads to reinforce messaging
  3. See examples of turnkey Web tools developed to streamline action into as few steps as possible



Jack Fleming, Sr Communications Assoc, The Education Trust

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