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SXSW Interactive 2016

The New Age Trade School: Apply Within

With student loan debt and years invested without the promise of a career, does the traditional university still make the most sense when it comes to aspiring entrepreneurs? Do you continue to invest dollars and time in traditional education, attend specific, trade school-type programs like Codeup, that teach job-ready, practical programming skills, or bypass college and learn as you go?

Entrepreneurs Michael Girdley, CoFounder of Codeup, Peter French, Director of Cafe Commerce and Free Flow Research, and Region 20 Director Ravae Shaffer will discuss the opportunity cost between these options from a market, talent retainment/recruitment, personal, social, and national perspective.

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  1. What does traditional higher education offer today's graduates that one cannot receive otherwise? A job, a specific skill set, etc.?
  2. What is more valuable to employers? Real world experience or a college degree?
  3. What are the pros of attending a trade school-esque program, as opposed to a 4-year college or learning as you go?



Peter French, Dir, FreeFlow Research

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