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School’s Out, So Let The Learning Continue


Classrooms are no longer the only place for learning. Afterschool programs are now more powerful than ever as they are key opportunities to get kids engaged in STEM, the arts, and other subjects. Moderated by the Executive Director of the National AfterSchool Association, this panel discussion will convene leaders from Discovery Education, Pepco Holdings, Inc. and Boys & Girls Clubs of America to explore the myriad opportunities open to kids outside of the classroom.

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  1. Discuss why learning must continue when the school bell ends and how digital learning can play a huge role.
  2. Explore the benefits of afterschool, supplemental, experiential and project-based learning – and some of the best programs available.
  3. Explore how in-school and afterschool work together, and how supplemental programs build STEM skills that enhance in-school learning and teachings.



Shawnee Cohn, Publicist, Discovery Education

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