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Inside the Music Supervisors' Brain: Case Studies

A unique look into the process of how music supervisors make decisions related to music placements in film and television.

Each of the three music supervisors will be paired with an artist, and together present a short piece at the panel that they have worked on beforehand, synched to picture.

Each supervisor/artist pair will discuss the process of how the music came about: what musical direction was given to the artist, how the process worked back and forth, why certain musical decisions were made, and how effective the final musical piece is in enhancing the picture. We will also look at previous projects from the supervisors, and let them explain how they came to different musical choices in their work.

The audience will leave with a sense of what priorities the music supervisor has to balance when placing music in film & TV, as well as the challenges that artists and composers must adapt to when working in this high-paced, quick turnaround environment.




Jon Bartlett, President, MEGAPHONO / Kelp Records

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