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Winning In The Battle of Metrics vs. The Newsroom


How can newsrooms know their audiences better, respond to their needs and win them over? Data! We’ve got tons of it!

However, using metrics and data to make better content decisions requires more than just numbers. It requires a cultural shift from a purely editorial mindset to one that combines news judgement with metrics.

Four local and national media experts in radio, TV and newspaper tackle this conundrum head on. They discuss how to encourage culture changes in the newsroom that will motivate adoption of data-driven practices.

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  1. Why data is important in newsroom?
  2. What is the best way to drive data adoption?
  3. What does success look like?


  • Apryl Pilolli, manager, social analytics, Cox Media Group
  • Ryan Kellett, Director of Audience and Engagement, The Washington Post
  • Lori Todd, Social Media Editor, NPR
  • Josh Belzman, Social media analyst and project manager, NBC News


Apryl Pilolli, Mgr Social Media, Cox Media Group

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