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I’m Tired of “Doing Social Media": What’s Next?


With the adoption of social media at most major corporations complete, a new problem is starting. Seasoned social media professionals need to define career paths for themselves, and their opportunities to do "just social media" fade quickly. Many companies do not have social leadership beyond the Director level and experienced employees find themselves topped out with nowhere to grow. Corporations lose because they lose digital native talent. Individuals lose because they are stuck making lateral moves. This panel discussion intends to explore the looming crisis, and discuss about what corporations and individuals can do about it.

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  1. What can social media professionals when their role has plateaued?
  2. What can companies do to keep their social media talent happy and growing?
  3. What are alternative career paths that social media professionals are suited for and how can they gain those skills?



Matthew Knell, VP of Social Media and Community Strategy,

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