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SXSW Interactive 2016

Experience Design for Expert Users

Experience designers and other roles that define the requirements, features and ultimate design of a digital product, service, app or website are well versed in methods of user centered design. But how do teams need to adapt and adjust their methods when the audience is a highly specialized one – members of the military, police, fire fighters, EMTs? Or scientists and highly technical medical professionals? Narrow segments of power users within the financial industry market – senior bankers, hedge fund managers or targeted regulatory roles? This session will focus on how to adapt user centered design methods and stakeholder management skills to be successful in this types of projects.

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  1. As a Designer, how do I earn the trust of my project stakeholders and user’s when they work in a highly technical field I am unfamiliar with?
  2. What do I need to know before and during the design process of any digital service targeted to a very specific and sophisticated user population?
  3. As a designer or designer leader, what “known” methods in my toolbox need to be set aside or modified in the design process?


  • Douglas Hopkins, Director, Experience Strategy & Design, Isobar
  • Garrett Hrncir, Director, Experience Strategy & Design, Isobar


Douglas Hopkins, Dir, Experience Strategy & Design, Isobar

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