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SXSWedu 2016

Character Strengths and the Heart of Learning

Teachers’ motivation and energy are amplified when they name and explore their unique constellation of character strengths and learn how they can best leverage those strengths in practice. In this Workshop participants will identify their unique Character Strengths using a free online tool. They will then learn how to spot strengths in others including colleagues, students and parents. With this shifted perspective participants will maximize learning, collaboration and performance for all.

"The nature of relationships among the adults within a school has a greater influence on the character and quality of that school and on student accomplishment than anything else." Roland Barth

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  1. Identify the unique set of character strengths that define each participant using the internationally acclaimed VIA Character survey, an online tool.
  2. Learn how to apply a character strengths approach in practice to improve learning, relating and performing.
  3. Learn how to identify character strengths in others and embed a common strengths-based language and approach with peers and students.



Lisa Scheerer, Mgr of Design & Communications, Mayerson Academy

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