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SXSW Music 2016

High Res Audio in Every Earbud

Does anyone care about sound quality anymore? MP3s and streaming brought portability, personalization and ubiquitous access to our music, but many say these benefits come at the cost of quality, “take you there” sound. High-resolution audio (HRA) provides an immersive, high-quality experience, just as the artist intended, while maintaining the benefits of digital audio. But are consumers willing to rebuild their music libraries and invest in new equipment to enhance sound quality? How can emerging artists differentiate themselves through HRA? Three pioneers in the field of HRA explore what makes this format superior and what a full-scale transition to a better audio experience looks like.

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  1. What exactly is high-res audio? How do you define it? How does it differ from, say mp3 quality and CDs?
  2. What are the market projections for HRA? Which artists are on board? How can emerging artists take advantage of HRA to break through to new audiences?
  3. What do artists and recording engineers need to know about HRA to create better sounding music?



Rachel Horn, Sr Mgr Strategic Communications, Consumer Electronics Association

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