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SXSW Interactive 2016

LGBTQ+ Media: Representation + "Couple-ish"

The session would feature a talk from Kaitlyn Alexander, one of the actors n the hit webseries "Carmilla", and a popular non-binary YouTuber. This would focus on getting behind LGBT webseries, specifically the webseries "Couple-ish". The series became a smash hit on Kickstarter, and was funded in less than 48 hours. Why? Because it provided an opportunity for LGBTQ+ representation in a way that wasn't a coming out story.
Online narratives are becoming increasingly more accessible and the bar continues to be raised, and LGBT youth are turning to online shows to see their stories.

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  1. Is the shift in demand for representation online causing a change in what we expect from all media, or creating an entirely different beast?
  2. How does the online community support and embrace change?
  3. With more publicly funded projects on the web, is the need for brand placement and sponsorship becoming obsolete?



Kaitlyn Alexander, YouTuber/Actor, Realisticallysaying

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