SXSWedu 2016

Enhancing learning with VR/AR


The session will focus on theory and practise that showcase how VR experiences significantly enhance learning, presenting ongoing projects that expand the scope of students' learning experiences, providing new opportunities for the educator and the learner. The projects include curricular disciplines (such as physics) as well as pedagogical challenges (such as building empathy with the other), through collaborations between teachers, students, researchers and entrepreneurs from different countries (Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, USA). The session we'll be a rhythmic and dynamic event in 3 parts: Panel of educational experts, Experiential showcase and participants' feedback activity.

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  1. Virtual Reality potential for significantly enhance learning of science-related subjects
  2. VR & AR technological feasibility for education today and prediction for the near future
  3. Virtual reality potential to meet pedagogical challenges such as students' human values (e.g. empathy and understanding of significant other)



Cecilia Waismann, VP of R&D, MindCET

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