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Making in swedish K-12 schools -a way to learn CT

During the workshop we will show and let you try some examples of thing that we do together with our pupils in our K-12 schools to make them go from digital consumers to digital producers. We will also show you how our special website for sharing ideas works and how you can use it.
Our work starts in the Swedish curriculum. We use making as a theme to increase our pupils computational thinking (CT) and their entrepreneurial abilities. We try to get all subjects involved in this work and we share our ideas on a special website, Skapeididh.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Examples of things you can do with your pupils to increase their computatinal thinking
  2. How to take part of and to share your ideas on our website "Skapeididh".
  3. How you can work to increase your pupils entrepreneurial abilities.



Agneta Hedenstroem, Principal, Lulea Kommun

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