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How to Build Self-sustaining Learning Communities

Most learning communities exist within the traditional boundaries of schools. We'll delve into four distinct models that are rethinking the constraints of talent, revenue and space to increase access and self-sustainability. Electric Girls is a community of middle school girls teaching each other to be leaders in STEM. UnCommon Construction cultivates high school apprentices who build houses and use the proceeds to provide scholarships. The 1881 School engages young African American New Orleanians in engineering projects that directly improve their neighborhoods. At 4.0, we equip early-stage entrepreneurs to build bold schools, tools and startups - and our alumni enable us to do so at scale.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How might we leverage alumni to reinforce culture, increase rigor, and offset costs?
  2. How might we equip learners to finance their own education and reduce reliance on government funding, tuition, and philanthropy?
  3. How might community assets and needs influence what and where we teach?



Hassan Hassan, Portfolio Mgr, 4.0 Schools

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