SXSW Film 2016

Black Filmmakers: Creating Global Content

Whether for the big or little screen, creating tech-savvy, thought-provoking global content and distributing those end-products are top priorities for Black filmmakers, writers and digital content creators. In this panel, we will look at current trends, discuss where we fit in, how to change the global narrative of our community, and how to successfully reach a global market through smart marketing and distribution. A panel of Black experienced, content-creators will discuss strategies and available resources to create entertaining, conscious, and profitable content for worldwide production and distribution.

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  1. How is storytelling changing for Black content creators with the use of new technology, social media and crowdfunding?
  2. What are the new distribution resources available for Black filmmakers, writers and content creators?
  3. How can we change the narrative of the Black community in the United States and the world through our digital content creation skills?



Cheryle Reynolds, Designer/Developer, Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

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