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SXSW Interactive 2013

Where will the IoT take service design?

The Internet of Things not only blurs the lines between bits and atoms, it signals the arrival of a hyper-connected global ecosystem. The latter is an evolutionary step in the way digital integrates into our lives. It’s the next step in the digitization of everything, where multiple devices will be linked to the Internet beyond the smartphone, PC, tablet and smartTV–with each receiving, processing, displaying and creating vast amounts of data. As this trend gains pace, the distinction between the Internet and real world will be harder to define. It will push the user to become the operating system, changing how they interact with digital. This creates a new set of challenges, particularly around the role of mobile and the need for consistent experiences across multiple touchpoints that blend seamlessly into our lives. This talk will explore how design will evolve to meet the challenges of this new environment and the impact of designers on the future of smart systems.

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  1. How will society adjust to a hyper-connected global ecosystem - how will it affect the way we live, work and socialize?
  2. What value will the Internet of Things bring to society as a whole; how will it help us move forward into the next stage of holistic digitization and what will that look like?
  3. What role should designers play in bridging the gap between humans and the hyper-connected global ecosystem? What challenges will they face and what opportunities will present themselves?
  4. How will we create a new universal language of interaction? What will this look like? Will it replace English in the classroom?
  5. How do we create consistent mobile experiences across touchpoints and in different spaces in time and location?



Chris Herbert, Head of Speaker Bureau, Brands2Life

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  • Tags: internet of things
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Design and Development
  • Level: Beginning
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