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Kids Learn to Code at a Pop-up CoderDojo Workshop

We propose running a live CoderDojo workshop at SXSWEdu. The session will be led by young people for young people! It will be a workshop for kids to learn their first lines of code.

We will be inviting young people (7-17) from the schools in Austin to come to SXSWEdu where they experience a hands-on coding session in a fun, collaborative, high energy environment.

The session will be led by Garima (17), the CoderDojo Round Rock champion, who runs her own CoderDojo every weekend! There will be support from the local CoderDojo community in Austin on the day.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Coding is fun, easy and important for everyone to learn!
  2. Young people can be motivated to learn from their peers in a collaborative, fun and social environment.
  3. Hands-on, project based, peer to peer learning providing immediate gratification leads to greater confidence and eagerness to continue learning.



Garima Singh, Champion, CoderDojo

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