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EdTech: Increase Efficiency or Elevate Learning?


Should ed tech development focus on increasing efficiency in entrenched teaching routines, or on elevating research-based best practices? Teachers and ed tech developers struggle with both incorporating formal learning sciences research and with conducting their own research and pilot programs to drive forward innovative best practices. This interactive panel will explore how we - as a community of teachers, researchers, and developers - can address barriers to and opportunities for designing and implementing products that target innovative teaching practices for active student learning.

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  1. What active-learning teaching practices could ed tech be designed to support at scale, and how are these embodied in 21st century standards?
  2. What support - tech and otherwise - do teachers need to apply research on active-learning teaching practices in their classrooms?
  3. To what extent has ed tech targeted its products to supporting such learning/teaching practices, and what are hypothesized barriers to doing so?



David Kanter, Pres, Kanter Learning Design & Research

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