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SXSW Interactive 2016

Social Media Netiquette and Working with Brands

Two bloggers who manage social media for major brands offer pointers for bloggers and social media users who aspire to work with brands. Director of Social Media for a fortune 50 company and social media consultant for a leading interior design manufacturer and other brands will share with bloggers strategies for a solid online presence and how to get noticed by the brands they want to work with. What is the best way to approach a brand? What can they really see about you and your stats? What are brands looking for in a blogger and how can you best position yourself to work with them?

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  1. As a blogger, you need to remember that you are a brand. What should you keep in mind as you build your online presence?
  2. What are brands looking for when it comes to bloggers and social media collaborations?
  3. When brands ask for blogger stats and information, how should you present yourself and what info do they already have access to?


  • Courtney Price, Social Media Consultant, Halcyon
  • JoDee Taylor, Director of Social Media and Training, Costco


Courtney Price, Dir of Social Media, Halcyon

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