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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Persians Are Coming! Don’t Panic!

The Persians are coming! Don’t panic! We come in peace! The Persians (the primary ethnic group in Iran) have arrived in the USA and have made a stunning and positive impact in the American zeitgeist. Persians in the US have contributed to 6% of the gross GDP and have impacted technology, entertainment, arts, and health. Persian Americans helped create World of Warcraft, constitute 40% of NASA’s scientists, and are an integral part of Stanford’s Electrical Engineering graduate program. Far from being something to fear – Persians are warm, cuddly and innovate participants in US life. Persian Tech Entrepreneurs (PTE) has brought two prolific panelists to discuss- Trita Parsi and Maz Jobrani.

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  1. Trita Parsi – How does NIAC symbolize the Persian-American community in Washington?
  2. Maz Jobrani - As a Persian comedian and artist, how has your comedy changed from immediately post 9/11 to today?
  3. Trita Parsi- How do you see the new #IranDeal be advantageous for all Americans?



Amir Hassanabadi, Startup Atty, Fenwick & West LLP

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  • Tags: politics, culture, comedy
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Advanced
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