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SXSW Interactive 2016

Following the Stream: Congress & Music Royalties

It seems so straightforward; you click on an app and endless music is at your fingertips. But behind all of the technology, songwriters and artists are making money through a complex web of music licensing law. This panel will discuss the sometimes controversial way artists get paid, the role Congress has in making it all work and a policy discussion on where we can improve the system. Panelists include Congresswoman Mimi Walters who serves on the Committee with jurisdiction over music licensing issues, the Director of Government Relations at Pandora, Katie Peters and Casey Rae, a musician and CEO of the Future of Music Coalition.

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  1. What role does Congress have to play in ensuring that artists get paid and that innovation can continue to survive in the music industry?
  2. How have tech companies worked with artists and Congressional leaders to create an artist middle class?
  3. Should Congress re-legislate the current music licensing system to provide transparency for artists and tech companies to help compensate musicmakers?



Rachel Wolbers, Legislative Director, TwinLogic Strategies

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