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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Next 3 Billion People on Social

Three billion people in the world who don’t have internet access are about to get it.
There are several blockbuster initiatives attempting to break down the world’s connectivity barriers, from Google’s armada of giant balloons in the stratosphere to Elon Musk’s plans to deliver global internet via hundreds satellites.
Facebook’s Internet.org project already provides a free low-data web service to millions of mobile devices from Kenya to Colombia.
In a matter of years, three BILLION people will be experiencing a socially connected, mobile-friendly web for the first time, and it will drive massive change for everything from politics to pop culture. This panel is about what happens next.

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  1. How will someone who gets online for the first time in 2016 experience social media?
  2. Internet access in India is growing by 33% annually. How will a better-connected population change the world’s largest democracy?
  3. The next three billion to join social media will be using mobile devices. What are the implications of this massive shift toward mobile?



David Godsall, Editorial Mgr, Blog, Hootsuite

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