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SXSW Interactive 2016

Elise's Data-Plan: Connecting Rural America

While the East and West Coast get most of the attention for technological advances, there is an entire tech revolution happening across America. By way of example, farmers are using drones and sensors to monitor their crops and doctors utilizing tele-health initiatives to those living in remote areas during health epidemics. We are watching a transformative moment in America. Come listen to our panel discuss the impact of technology in rural areas, featuring Senator Jerry Moran, a leading advocate for tech in Congress, along with representatives from rural broadband providers, a leading tele-health pioneer, and a counsel to competitive mobile broadband operators.

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  1. How is mobile technology advancing in rural areas and transforming the way of life in meaningful ways?
  2. What can Congress do to promote innovation in rural areas and adoption of new technologies to better people's lives?
  3. What are some of the next steps to ensuring that rural areas have the tools they need to advance technology?



Rachel Wolbers, Legislative Director, TwinLogic Strategies

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