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Meet the new Batman & Robin for Machine Learning


As a fraud fighting duo in the online world, both Data Scientists and Engineers need to be able to move fast. This means Data Scientists should be able to add new signals to Machine Learning models without waiting on Engineering. And it means Engineering should be able to optimise models without waiting on Data Science.

Airbnb created a Trust and Safety team to to detect and defuse those bad actors before they act. To do this well requires data and technology. Data Scientists churn through Big Data, extracting detailed patterns of fraudsters’ behaviour. Meanwhile Engineers build fast and scalable systems to turn these patterns into traps for catching fraudsters.

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  1. What roles do engineering and data science play in building Machine Learning models?
  2. Where has that collaboration between engineering and data science failed and how was that addressed?
  3. What does the future look like for Machine Learning at Airbnb?


  • Alok Gupta, Data Science Manager, Airbnb
  • Eric Levine, Engineering Manager, Airbnb


Alok Gupta, Data Science Mgr, Airbnb

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