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SXSW Interactive 2016

Building Generosity in a Consumeristic Culture

Technology is used every day to make the consumer, us, even more consumeristic. Even charities and nonprofits look at donors as consumers to target. This impacts the culture of generosity significantly making us less generous and doubling-down on the bottomless pit of 'me'.

However, what would technology look like if it helped build the foundations of a more generous world? What if at the moment of the consumeristic decision, our culture gave equal voice to helping others as well as consumption?

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  1. What are the current demographic trends in generosity?
  2. What models currently attempt to solve generosity, and how do they fail?
  3. How can we inspire generosity not only in the short-term, but make a cultural shift impacting generations to come?



Mark Stephan, Product Manager, Radical Advocacy

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