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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Intersection of Marketing & Technology

Right now we stand at the convergence of Digital Marketing and Technology, leaving behind old-school techniques in favor of data-driven campaigns. In this new arena, CMOs must work closely with CIOs to plot out a whole new set of marketing strategies that adapt and demonstrate results. A great marketing campaign is nothing if it's not properly executed across all digital channels, and CEOs want numbers to back up their marketing dollars. Thus, the question becomes: how can we best bridge the gap between digital marketing and technology in order to get results?

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  1. How can CMOs and CIOs best work together to execute a company's marketing efforts?
  2. What are the best strategies for using big data tools to analyze and deploy marketing campaigns?
  3. Where does creativity fit into the picture? How can CIOs work with CMOs to measure the effects of content marketing and design?


  • Laura McGarrity, VP Digital Marketing Strategy, Mondo


Sophie Vershbow, Content Strategist, Mondo

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