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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Next Big Thing: Blockchains and IoT Devices

A discussion on the potential for Internet of Things ("IoT") and solutions to utilize blockchain protocols as devices become more autonomous and interactive. There are many applications and a few interesting ideas to explore to include: 1) Inventory control such as vending machines that keep inventory, solicit bids from distributors to restock based on customer purchase history and pay for the delivery of new items automatically and in real time 2) Vehicles, such as self-driving Uber cars, that can repair themselves, pick up fares, hire maintenance crews etc. 3) Smart homes where appliances communicate with one another and the electric grid to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

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  1. What obstacles would we need to overcome to get to the point in which there is frictionless integration between the blockchain and IoT devices?
  2. How can we help convince the consumer to turn away from more traditional devices and/or services, and increasingly use IoT devices instead?
  3. What do you think will be the next big IoT device that will revolutionize the marketplace?


  • Jonathan Yermack, Manager, Tax and Legal, Deloitte
  • Mark D'Agostino, Manager, Deloitte Advisory, Deloitte


Christian Ruehling, Sr Associate, Deloitte

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