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SXSW Interactive 2016

Hacking for Healing: MedTech & Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is at epidemic levels, affecting half of American adults, and an increasing number are tracking their lives to understand symptoms and guide treatment. The goal? To move beyond passive treatment to active resilience/prevention via lifestyle changes: nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. But with all of the technology available, research shows many people abandon their health apps and wearables in a matter of months. Fortunately, new wellness services combine behavioral design and scientific research to provide personalized data insights - aka ‘health hacking’ - based on genetics, test results and self-tracked metrics. Four experts will discuss and share their solutions.

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  1. What is the science and research behind feedback loops, community support, and resilience to help us prevent and/or manage chronic disease?
  2. A plethora of health apps/wearables are available, but many abandon after 3-6 months. Is behavioral design the answer, especially for chronic disease?
  3. When/how will technology platforms provide the promised personalized approach to wellness of mind/body and gut/brain for each of us, healthy or not?


  • Dr. Bonnie Feldman, Chief Growth Officer, DrBonnie360
  • Linda Avey, Co-Founder and CEO, We Are Curious, Inc.
  • Poonacha Machaiah, Co-Founder and CEO, JIYO
  • Richard Tate, VP of Communications and Marketing, HopeLab


Katie Cleary, Publisher, AutoimmuneMom.com

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