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SXSW Interactive 2013

Tomorrow’s TV: The Industry’s Shift to a La Carte

It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly taking back control of their viewing habits-consuming only the content that interests them, whenever and wherever they want. Widespread adoption of connected devices and the emergence of new media outlets like Netflix, Hulu, Aereo and Apple TV have only amplified this, putting serious pressure on the TV Industry to innovate or risk of subscriber loss.

While it’s clear that consumers aren't satisfied spending money for channels they'll never watch, the Industry hasn’t budged. But with more migrating online we're at an inflection point where new programming and viewing platforms will help fulfill the vision of an a la carte platform that offers consumers only the content they want at a more reasonable rate.

This session will examine the current state of Television and uncover the innovative technology that is working behind-the-scenes to be a catalyst for a major industry shift that opens up a historically closed proprietary ecosystem

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  1. Why are a la carte services are the future of television?
  2. How has widespread adoption of connected devices impacted the television industry?
  3. What are the obstacles preventing us from watching TV whenever and wherever we want?
  4. Who owns what? The complex web of programmers, content owners, cable companies and broadcast networks.
  5. What is the technology behind the shifting TV model?


  • Chet Kanojia, Founder and CEO, Aereo


Mike Schroeder, Account Manager, LaunchSquad

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