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Taming the Beast: The Who, What and When of Social

Regardless of how good your social content is, publishing it without the right targeting/timing will yield zero results.
Klout’s data scientists conducted a series of academic studies to remove the guesswork, pinpointing the who/what/when that will drive results. In fact, the most recent study analyzed 144 million+ posts and 1 billion+ reactions (likes/comments/retweets) to pinpoint the best time to post (broken down by country/social channel).
In this session, attendees will learn how to cut through the noise by identifying topics of interest, unearthing the best content, finding topic experts to engage with, pinpointing the best time to post, and determining who to respond to.

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  1. What topics will be of most interest to your followers on social media?
  2. How do you identify the right subject matter experts on social media?
  3. What are the best times to post on social media (broken down by region and by social media network)?



Eddie McGraw, Dir of Comms, Lithium Technologies Inc

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