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SXSWedu 2016

Cutting through the Noise on Student Testing

You have probably heard a lot of noise about standardized tests and it can be vexing. Loud and persistent voices from all sides are weighing in on the topic. There are legitimate concerns about the potential damage testing may be doing to teachers, students, and classrooms. But there are legitimate benefits that often get lost in the debate. Charter schools across the country are refining the use of limited, smart tests to gauge learning and make adjustments. Come hear more about how smart testing can help close the achievement gap and improve educational outcomes for all of our students.

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  1. Understand the different opinions about standardized testing and the opt-out movement.
  2. Learn about strategies charter schools are using to improve student learning.
  3. Learn about actions you can take to ensure public schools are working for all our children.



Kristin Rennels, Dir of Dev, National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA)

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