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SXSW Interactive 2016

Future Sports Nutrition: Personalized & Connected

The next frontier for sports performance awaits at the intersection of nutrition, personalization, connected devices, and behavior change. Every athlete has unique physiology. Every sport has specific athletic requirements. Every training and competitive event has different conditions. What athletes do before and after training matters as much as what they do during training. Building on Gatorade’s 3 year quest to reinvent sports fueling for the 24/7 athlete, this session will share the latest advances in science, connected technology, and sports nutrition. We’ll report on real pilot learnings from new physical and digital service platforms designed to maximize elite athletic performance.

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  1. Athletic Trends & Enabling Technologies – What are the latest scientific advances in elite sports nutrition? How do they relate to technology trends?
  2. Strategy, Design & Development - How can innovation teams integrate connected physical and digital service platforms to optimize athlete performance?
  3. Successes & Failures from the Field - How do these new platforms drive behavior change and performance in real world use?


  • Xavi Cortadellas, Gatorade Global Innovation and Design Senior Director, Gatorade
  • Tucker Fort, Partner & Expertise Lead, Smart Design


Tucker Fort, Partner, Smart Design

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