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SXSWedu 2016

Deeper Game-Based Learning In and Out of Class

Greg Toppo, author of The Game Believes in You brings together researchers and educators that are taking game-based learning (GBL) to the next level. Panelists include master educators who are transforming their practice using the games that kids play at home (e.g. World of Warcraft and Minecraft) as well as designers who are creating games with rich narrative and baked-in research methods to take game-based learning to the next level. The panelists will discuss what it takes to understand the learning that actually takes place in games and how to leverage in and out-of-school gameplay for rich and deeper classroom learning.

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  1. The panel will discuss several different forms of GBL using a range from customized classroom games to commercial successes.
  2. The panel will discuss deeper implications of GBL for teaching - how to make bridges between game content and curricular content .
  3. The panel will discuss how game data logs can be used as formative assessments that can help teachers guide their practice.



Jodi asbell-clarke, Dir, TERC

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