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SXSWedu 2016

Social/Gender inequality.Shaping 2030's workforce?

The Industry of today is Tech focused, yet approximately 35% of Irish students are leaving school with no qualifications and little digital awareness. This isn’t just an issue which is specific to Ireland, In the US over 25% of students fail to graduate from high school. To compete in a global workplace it’s vital that every student leaves Education with meaningful qualifications and IT skills appropriate to the job market. It’s important that we enable the next generation to maximise their career potential. This session addresses Social and Gender Inequality in Education and how we can help students to overcome these issues.

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  1. To encourage reflection and discussion of Social and Gender Inequality in Education.
  2. Information sharing, discussion of ways that Industry and non profits have tried to solve the issues faced by students in todays Education system.
  3. Consideration of future plans for tackling Inequality in Education



Gemma Crothers, Tech Outreach Manager, Kainos Group PLC

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