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Did You Say "Content"? That's Passé. It’s Cont-Art

Welcome to the Content-verse! Inhabited by those who live and breathe content. But hey.. Wait a minute! That would be all of us right? From your baby to your 9-year old kid to your lover to your mom / dad to your friends to colleagues to your 80+ year old grandmother. Yeah, right!

But who crafts these content pieces which makes our world go round and round?

Welcome the content crafters / artisans - who know the science to content, but also know that there is an art and craft to it - So, I call it Cont-Art.

Content can make you sell, buy, cry, laugh, love, live, learn, dream, hope, inspire, run, stay, come, go, think, belive and be.

The question is HOW?

To know, hear me speak

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Nischala Murthy Kaushik, Head of Mktg, Social & Thought Leadership, Wipro Technologies

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