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SXSWedu 2016

The $@#! No One Tells You About Procurement

We’ve all heard the same old story about procurement. It usually goes something like this: teachers don’t have enough voice in decision making; procurement is stymied by complicated rules; it’s hard to find out which tools fit specific needs. But there's a lot more at play: reputations, competing and conflicting stakeholders, and the struggle for company survival. In this panel, EdSurge will give you a peak behind the procurement curtain and uncover what gets in the way of getting great tools to teachers. Our panel will share the secrets to making procurement work, their struggles and the reality of what procurement looks like on the ground.

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  1. Learn about the tension that companies and schools face when trying to get the best tools in the hands of teachers.
  2. Identify progressive procurement practices that are good for both schools and companies, and why they aren't happening everywhere.
  3. Discuss innovative ideas to make sure teachers get the tools they need, administrators do due diligence and companies have a fair shot.


  • Steven Ross, Professor, Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education
  • Ellen Dorr, Learning Technology Manager, Highline Public Schools
  • Dilara Sayeed, Chief Education Officer, Golden Apple Foundation
  • Pablo Mejia, Director of Individualized Learning, www.edsurge.com


Christina Quattrocchi, Editor, EdSurge

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