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SXSWedu 2016

Middle School Math: Moving from Agony to Awesome

Most middle school students would rather eat broccoli than do math. Unfortunately, what they think it means to "do math" is a far cry from both what mathematicians really do and how countless professionals "do math" to impact their communities and the world. Join this panel for a discussion about how to support the math achievement of all middle school students even though they're at a unique time in their psychosocial and mathematical development. Hear perspectives from experienced practitioners and leaders about how middle school students can engage mathematics more purposefully in classrooms and with digital tools. Learn how to make mathematics thought-provoking rather than mind-numbing.

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  1. Math classes and use of learning technologies should enable students to understand mathematics more deeply and impact their world more profoundly.
  2. The way mathematics is presented in class and with technology influences if, when, and how students think deeply about math and its relevance.
  3. To improve math achievement and enjoyment, schools and math classes must foster a culture of inquiry, critical thinking, and community impact.


  • Karim Ani, Founder, Mathalicious, Mathalicious
  • Rafranz Davis, Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning, Lufkin ISD
  • Tim Hudson, Senior Director of Curriculum Design, DreamBox Learning


Tim Hudson, Sr Dir of Curriculum Design, DreamBox Learning

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