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SXSWedu 2016

The Myth of Magical Devices

Like the magic lamp, it’s easy to believe that a device will automatically ignite a sense of excitement, engagement and exceptionally engaged learning. What happens when your three wishes run out? When the magical excitement of technology in the classroom wears off? Initially it may seem that technology makes your classroom awesome, focused, calm and organized, however ultimately it’s not about the device but how we as educators transform the learning experiences in our classroom. The real magical force in your classroom is the experience that you create using technology to shift from talking about one another, to with one another, as independent, confident, and successful learners.

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  1. Define and distinguish between student empowerment through innovation versus technology integration.
  2. Discuss strategies for educators to better support student independence, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills with technology.
  3. Learn how to leverage film, photography, audio, music, and animation to generate powerful and clear evidence of learning that make students proud.



Michael Cohen, Dir, Educational Technology, Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy

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